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Private Lending

Have you ever experienced lending your funds into mortgages secured on real estate? If you have not, you are missing a great investment vehicle that can provide significant returns with very little effort!

Get involved now as you can use those underperforming RRSPs and dead equity in your current real estate and make superior returns. We have been placing private funds into mortgages for over a decade and the overall consensus has been and still is extremely positive.


Once you have experienced this type of investment, in particular the investment returns and the work and effort involved, you will not turn back. With today’s real estate prices, it is so hard to find a building or real estate investment that provides satisfying cash returns. Many investors are redirecting their funds from other investment vehicles into real estate and or real estate related investment products.


When you are placing private money, the location and property type plays such a critical role in your investment security. We all know that investment properties can be very good solid investments, as the revenue from your tenant base actually pays down your debt and pays your fixed expenses. If you are lending to this type of real estate, you have the same sense of security.


Indeed, MMZ Financial Consulting Ltd. & Michal Zagol has specialized in such investment lending for many years. Our experience has shown very low default ratios.  We do our due diligence on all mortgage applications prior to presenting them to investors.

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